Desperate times called, they want their desperate  measures back. 👋🏼

I’ve reached a certain point in my life where I feel like- I know where and how respect is earned. I know how a woman needs to treat a man, and vice versa. I know when enough is enough and that pain has nothing to do with love. I know that all that fate crap and everything happens for a reason; it’s not real. It’s just made up fantasy shit. I don’t buy the Disney crap. I don’t fall for it. I’m not 16. I hardly trust anyone and when I did trust them they let me down. Here’s why I bring up this subject. I’m way not cut out for this line of crap. But something inside me couldn’t hold anymore. When I see women so desperately contacting their ex’s, it makes me really wonder. It’s oblivious to me. What is it that you do necessarily need from this person that you have to contact him day and night. 2am, 3am, etc. Have you no dignity? No respect for yourself? 

If the relationship is over. What are you searching for in this man? Did you think that maybe he has a new life? New relationship? New things going on? Get the hell over this thing of contacting him non-stop and find a new fling..

It’s unbelievable to me the measures some women drop to. Look, This person is not the only person to come to for advice. If that’s what you’re looking for- you have your friends, and certified doctors. If you’re looking for a fling- there’s that saying “other fish”, and if you’re looking for a bff. Well- your ex isn’t the answer. 

I’ve had jealousy when I was a kid. I was 16, 18. Okay 20? But when you’re 33 and women are repeatedly messaging and begging the man in your life to call them. It’s disturbing and inappropriate. Nobody is against being friends, and being cool. But asking him what he’s doing at 4am, isn’t being cool. It’s a call for desperation. Get a life and move on!!!!!

Jealousy isn’t even a question. I find nothing wrong in being territorial. It’s because I know what I have next to me. And I am appreciative of that and grateful of the person next to me. It’s very aggravating to me when I see women do this. I remember ending my past relationships….you know, Regardless the reasons. When it was over it was truly over. If that person deserved to remain friends; it was a very distant friendship. Nobody called or texted the other at 2-3 am or 5 am. Asking what they’re doing?! As a matter of fact, I don’t give a fuck what he was doing. Which is how it should always be. Nobody said you have to be mean or hate your ex’s: but there’s a point in time when things just have run their course.

No- you’re not bffs with the man in my life. 😂

No you don’t need to ask about his day, no you don’t need to talk to him on the daily to “catch up”, and no you don’t need to confide in each other: this is what he has ME for. Best advice for women like this is – kindly do yourself the honor to move the fuck on. Adios 👋🏼


I’m the one who makes his favorite coffee, I’m the one to get to call about his day and fix him dinner. I’m that one to run his clothing through the laundry machine and take them to the dry cleaning. I hate to say that word again but here it is….it is “I” as in me
I’ve had enough of stressing and worrying in my life. Crying every single damn night! Nightmares and night terrors that sometimes even to this day I have. Was always wondering if the man was cheating or lying. I’ve had enough lies and bullshit told in my face. I’ve had enough of being slapped emotionally and in some cases physically. When I have something and someone SO dear to me. It’s….it’s important to me. More than any desperate bitch can imagine. So if you ever found that you can’t move on, find the dignity in you, respect yourself, put on your little walking boots and walk away, because it’s long overdue. 


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