Maturity. Oh, that!ย 

Ah! Adulthood. Who can raise their hands and say they’ve got their shit together all the time and have it all figure out?? ….

Eh?? Yeah. Me neither. I get it, we all have our days, our moments, struggles. 

Yet there’s something about growing up that some individuals haven’t yet grasped. Social media; mixed with love and putting your entire life, your emotions on Facebook. Stop there. Please ๐Ÿ›‘. 

Expressing your love to your gf/bf, significant other etc, excessively on fb, is not showing that your not ashamed of your love, it’s not showing that you’re ready for a grown up relationship, it’s in fact on the contrary. You’re showing us that you seek a validation of acceptance so that everyone can see your love life exists. Truth is? Nobody gives a shit. Sorry that was too brutal. But really. It doesn’t mean we don’t care and hope you have a nice life, we just don’t care to see this : 

Omg baby I love you so much โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’• ,Omg I love you Too. ,Omg let’s have lunch at so and so. —— 2 days later – in a relationship // 4 weeks later baby on the way :  Omg I can’t wait for the baby to come // You’re gonna be such a good mommy/daddy —2 days later ——single *Fuck, this. I’m so hurt . I’m done.*

Whewwww, that’s exhausting and all in less than a year….Ok: explain to me what the fuck about this is mature??? You’re screaming out your self esteem to the world and then it crashes all over you, you’re devastated, you’re hurt. So on…… 

maybe — you need to keep your private life private. 

 No. I’m not talking about pictures. 

I’m talking about excessive love talking comments and statuses. Seriously.  Your relationship is between you two. Not 3 other people and certainly not 7,097 friends or However many you have on social media.

Have you ever thought that there are people who rejoice with you on your upcomings and blessings and there are also those who laugh at you, at your downs. 75% of the reason your relationship became a relationshit, is because you shared it with unimportant people and gave people too much info they didn’t know. 

I was recently following a young couple who had been together for maybe not a year yet ? I may be wrong. Every day there was so much excessive love talk. And baby this baby that. I wanna have your kids and more….geez. I’m feeling suffocated just reading that. And I’m not being mean. But really. Keep your private life private. It’s sweeter that way. Anyways, the couple are now having or expecting a child. Yesterday everything was hunky dory, today – single.

Really ?? 

Do you think that when you bring another child in this world, you should behave that way, or if you’re a child already, shouldn’t you be taking protective measures to not conceive more stupidity??? 

It’s ok to love, to care, I do too. But hey let’s keep things healthy. Let’s not involve social media on every move, chances are- every relationship that is dependent on social media will crash and burn so hard. #letsgrowup 

I ask you, if you’re a youngster, stay in school, love is beautiful, but let’s not start conceiving children if your brain is not yet developed!!! ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

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