What in the World?!?

Since I was in middle school, I read books and studied about the KKK and Nazis. I remember being terrified, even to look at it.

A Nazi is described as :

a person with extreme racist or authoritarian views.

◦ a person who seeks to impose their views on others in a very autocratic or inflexible way.

Take a look at these photos: please ….. and tell me when in the world did this become ok?

Really???? I was going to say, Obama would’ve been there immediately. But then again this would not of happened with Obama. Just to show that we have the worst president on the planet.

I am SO disgusted

Since Trump is in office, this country has NOTHING GOOD happening. All I see is Turmoil, deaths, unnecessary immigration threats, violence and worst of all HATE.

It brings me to tears that it has gotten to this point. What is worse is that it could have been prevented. But they idolized him, and look how they still do. I was never much of a government and economic person to understand everything, I don’t know the smallest thing about taxes. But what I do know is HATE is too strong a burden to carry 😥

I cannot wait until Trump goes down the golden escalator, the fuck out of the office.

Very soon Oompa Loompa

#spreadlove #stopthedamnhate #votetrumpout #disappearegomaniac #imissobama


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